XMLTV Test Report

Source: Nightly
ChangeLog: Last 7 days
Build log: build.log
Generated: Tue Nov 18 09:20:53 2014
Debian release used for testing: | sid (unstable) | squeeze (stable) | wheezy (testing) | lenny (oldstable) |
Tested version: | nightly (latest CVS) | release (latest released) | package (latest package in Debian) |

Not tested

tv_grab_dk no exe
tv_grab_na_icons no exe
tv_grab_cz no exe
tv_grab_jp no exe
tv_grab_au no exe
tv_grab_in no exe
tv_grab_br no exe
tv_grab_de no exe
tv_grab_no no exe
tv_grab_es_miguiatv no exe
tv_grab_br_net no exe
tv_grab_ch no exe
tv_grab_it_dvb no test.conf
tv_grab_ee no exe
tv_grab_ch_bluewin no exe
tv_grab_re no exe
tv_grab_nl_wolf no exe
tv_grab_dk_tvtid no exe
tv_grab_uk_guardian no exe
tv_grab_es no exe
tv_grab_eu_epgdata no test.conf
tv_grab_nc no exe
tv_grab_be no exe

Detailed result

Testing tv_grab_combiner
t_combiner_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_combiner validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_se_tvzon
t_se_tvzon_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_se_tvzon validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_fi
t_fi_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_sort failed on t_fi_1_2.xml, probably because of strange start or stop times. See t_fi_1_2.sort.log
tv_sort failed on the concatenated data. Probably due to overlapping data between days. See t_fi_7.log
tv_grab_fi did not validate ok. See t_fi_commands.log for a list of the commands that were used
tv_grab_fi has errors: sorterror notadditive
Testing tv_grab_ar
t_ar_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_ar with --quiet failed: See t_ar_3.log
tv_grab_ar with --quiet and --output failed: See t_ar_4.log
tv_cat failed to concatenate the data. See t_ar_5.log
tv_sort failed on the concatenated data. Probably due to overlapping data between days. See t_ar_7.log
The data is not additive. See t_ar__1_2.diff
tv_grab_ar did not validate ok. See t_ar_commands.log for a list of the commands that were used
tv_grab_ar has errors: graberror caterror notadditive
Testing tv_grab_uk_tvguide
t_uk_tvguide_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_uk_tvguide validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_uk_rt
t_uk_rt_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_uk_rt validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_tr
t_tr_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_tr validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_es_laguiatv
t_es_laguiatv_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_es_laguiatv validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_pt_meo
t_pt_meo_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_pt_meo validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_no_gfeed
t_no_gfeed_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_no_gfeed validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_huro
t_huro_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_huro validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_na_tvmedia
t_na_tvmedia_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_na_tvmedia validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_hr
t_hr_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_hr validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_dk_dr
t_dk_dr_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_dk_dr validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_na_dd
tv_grab_na_dd with --quiet produced output to STDERR when it shouldn't have. See t_na_dd_1.log
t_na_dd_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_na_dd did not validate ok. See t_na_dd_commands.log for a list of the commands that were used
tv_grab_na_dd has errors: notquiet
Testing tv_grab_za
t_za_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_za validated ok.

Testing tv_grab_fi_sv
t_fi_sv_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_fi_sv validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_ch_search
t_ch_search_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_ch_search validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_is
t_is_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_is validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_eu_egon
t_eu_egon_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_eu_egon validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_se_swedb
t_se_swedb_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_se_swedb validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_il
t_il_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_il validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_fr
t_fr_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_fr validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_na_dtv
t_na_dtv_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_na_dtv validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_it
t_it_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_it validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_pt
t_pt_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_pt validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_dtv_la
t_dtv_la_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_dtv_la validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_uk_bleb
tv_grab_uk_bleb failed: See t_uk_bleb_1.log
tv_grab_uk_bleb did not validate ok. See t_uk_bleb_commands.log for a list of the commands that were used
tv_grab_uk_bleb has errors: graberror
Testing tv_grab_fr_kazer
t_fr_kazer_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_fr_kazer validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_uk_atlas
t_uk_atlas_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_uk_atlas validated ok.
Testing tv_grab_nl
t_nl_1_2.xml validates ok
tv_grab_nl validated ok.

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